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Sistallect, Inc. 

Sistallect, Inc. has a simple purpose --- to empower women of color, particularly Black Women, in a meaningful way! Our mission is to improve the lives of women and girls by developing programs and projects that will build, elevate and promote our intelligence and positive image.

Our signature initiative is the State of Black Women in California focuses on the current quality of life status for Black Women and Girls. The report develops a strategic policy platform and action plan to serve as a road map for policy makers, advocates, community based organizations and funders.


In addition, Sistallect, Inc. partners with organizations to build communities that are marginalized and economically disadvantaged. These efforts are designed in a collaborative manner to extend Sistallect's reach and our impact. 


There are approximately 1.2 million Black females in the state of California, one of the largest populations in the country. 

Latest projects

Sistallect, Inc. partners throughout the year to support organizations, initiatives and individuals that are working to address the disparity gaps that Black Females face in California. 

The work is ongoing and is designed to empower with qualitative and qualitative date in order to provide an accurate narrative on the current state of Black Women and Girls. 

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