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UpliftingUs is a host of tools utilized to inform and empower Black Women. Based on the issue, a tool is created to maximize exposure as well as achieve the greatest impact. 

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SistaAction engages Black Women in a meaningful way by galvanizing them to take action on things that need to be improved. It drives social, economic and political change in order to raise our voices and positively impact our lives.  


State of Black Women 

​Sistallect, Inc. in partnership with Sierra Health Foundation and with a coalition of Black Women leaders took on the task to look at equity for Black Women and Girls in California. This effort represents the first time this type of collective, conscious effort has been done in the state. Although Women of Color are progressing as a whole, Black Women in California are more likely to be single breadwinners, live in poverty and face significant barriers in regards to pathways to success economically, socially and professionally.


Black women across the country are joining together to create a virtually donation pool to establish a Giving Circle to impact true and meaningful change particularly for Black women and girls. As part of this coalition of Black Women, we want to target organizations that directly provide needed support. Our sister circle of giving will employ our social economic power to give to organizations. Our Call to Action is to have Black women donate directly to selected organizations based on the giving campaign in order to provide immediate and real time support. We are also encouraging our sister friends to post this initiative on their social media channels and share with their networks and with the hashtag #BlackWomenGive.

Black Women Leaders Quarterly Calls

Each quarter, Sistallect, Inc. hosts a call with Black Women Leaders to inform, engage and activate. Guests presenters have included elected officials, change agents and subject matter experts. 

Black Women Meet Ups

Black Women Meet-Ups happen throughout the year at public and private locations. It is a gathering for Black Women to come together and share experiences as well as provide emotional and social support for each other in a safe environment. 

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