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Sistallect, Inc. has a simple purpose --- to empower women of color, particularly Black Women, in a meaningful way! Our mission is to improve the lives of women and girls by developing programs and projects that will build, elevate and promote our intelligence and positive image.

Our signature initiative is the State of Black Women in California, which is a annual report that focuses on the current quality of life status for Black Women and Girls. The report develops a strategic policy platform and action plan to serve as a road map for policy makers, advocates, community based organizations and funders.

In addition, Sistallect, Inc. partners with organizations to build communities that are marginalized and economically disadvantaged. These efforts are designed in a collaborative manner to extend Sistallect's reach and our impact. 




Kellie Todd Griffin, Founder

Kellie Todd Griffin.2.jpg

Kellie Todd, founder of Sistallect, Inc., authored this report as well as the State of Black Women in California in 2018. She has spent the last two and half decades working in marketing, communications and public affairs. Her experience spans across industries. Todd has developed and implemented award winning campaigns and initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, international non-profit organizations and policy makers. She has consulted leaders and change agents on various issues including data analysis, crises communications, public policy, marketing, campaigning and organizing, leadership and brand building.

Board of Directors

Kellie Todd Griffin

Dr. Angie Wells

Jasmine Smith

Senior Consultants

Nolice Edwards

Sandra Poole



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